you were made to CONQUER

Teens today are dealing with a chaotic world filled with ever-increasing comparisons and expectations. Teens are lonely and fearful.  Wise parents know their teens need tools to empower them emotionally, physically, and mentally with the confidence and grit to tackle the world head-on.

what is connect and conquer?

A one of a kind experience for teens, Connect and Conquer is an eight-week program that combines mental health coaching focused on challenges they are facing in their world, as well as physical fitness training that will push their limits and teach them they can do hard things. Those who attend will feel a difference and you will see those lessons taught in the program in their lives going forward.

learning to Take the world head-on

Connect and Conquer will help empower youth to take on the challenges life will inevitably throw at them. Learning how to deal with adversity will strengthen their ability to make wise choices.

Connect & Conquer is a eight-week program that combines mental health and physical fitness. We meet twice a week for 2 one hour sessions.  Your kids will receive a blend of mental health coaching addressing challenges they are facing, along with a high-intensity interval training program where they will put to test the tools they just learn to overcome obstacles and push through mental barriers.

Come check us out at Connect & Conquer. Your kids will feel the difference in their lives and you will see it every day.



BEGINS March 21, 2023
8 Week Program

Tuesday & Thursday
Ages: 12 – 17
4:00pm – 5:00pm


Our #1 responsibility is to better the lives of the teens we come in contact with.


All Things Anxiety

Jeff Gregson is our licensed mental health counselor and has a private practice in Northern Utah called All Things Anxiety. He is someone we trust and highly recommend to teenagers who are seeking professional help. Jeff specializes in anxiety, OCD, and depression treatment.

He is one of a small group of therapists in Utah who is certified by the International OCD

Foundation. Jeff understands anxiety and depression on a personal level and uses his personal experiences to help his clients.

Jeff is passionate about Connect and Conquer because, through his own bouts of anxiety and depression, he realized that physical activity plays a major role in feeling better. Jeff says, “It saved me in my darkest times. When simply getting out of bed and getting ready for the day felt like a marathon, exercising was the last thing I felt like doing. But I made myself do it. And, over time, I gained the momentum to pull myself out of these low places. Even today, exercise is one of my top priorities and I’ve learned that I enjoy doing hard things like Spartan races, mountain biking endless miles in the desert, and hiking places like Half Dome.”

Jeff works with all ages. He knows first-hand what those who struggle with anxiety, depression and OCD are going through, and wants to help make real changes in their lives.


Movement Chiropractic

Dr. Judd Gines is Connect and Conquer’s Physical Training Director and also has his own practice called Movement Chiropractic. He grew up in Provo, Utah, a small college town just west of the Wasatch front mountain range. After high school, Judd attended Brigham Young University on scholarship as a member of the Ballroom Dance Touring Company while he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree with an emphasis in Exercise Science. Judd continued his education in Davenport, Iowa at Palmer college of Chiropractic where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree and received a scholarship as a member of the Palmer College Rugby Club.

Judd believes that Connect and Conquer can truly help teens today overcome their challenges. He says, “Recently I learned that the true meaning of passion means to be willing to suffer for what you love. I have experienced a lot of physical and emotional suffering in my life, and I am living proof that as we build connections in our lives, those challenges can be conquered.”

In his free time Judd enjoys trail running, biking, working out, yoga and spending time with his wife Jamie, their sons Brigham and Charlie and their daughters Pearl and Rosie.


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